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Patient Reviews

Are you a patient of Adolescent and Women Medical Care? Tell us your story!

The hormone pellet therapy has been amazing for me! The night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings and irritability are gone and it has increased my libido/sexual desire. It’s a life changer!


Dr Hernandaz is a life saver! I’ve been having the worst hot flashes, weight gain, grouchy, depression, no sleep shall I go on? Menopause, for me started around 51 , I am now 65 and about 3-4 mts ago I decided it’s time to get back to me . Hormonal Therapy , is a game changer. I feel like the woman I used to be , everything changed for the better, and I forgot how good sex was till now! Thank you Dr Hernandaz and I’m sure my hubby of 45 years thanks you too.

Judith Federico

Finding out that women my age don’t need to suffer with peri menopause or the other issues that go along with aging was a God sent! Dr. Hernandez and her helpful staff helped me learn and understand the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. I am so happy that I trusted her and her knowledge on female hormones and the balance needed for optimal health. I am now feeling a zest for life again and encourage anyone who is suffering with the process of aging to speak to Dr. Hernandez and find out what is the best option for feeling your best!! Thank you Dr. Hernandez ♥️♥️

Toni Tesoriere

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