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Change a clean pillow case
Remember to continue the antiviral and Arnica therapy.
AVOID sex, strenuous exercise (aerobics, cycling,…

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Apply a thick layer of Lidocaine (EMLA cream, sent to your pharmacy) 1 hour before the treatment.
Do not wear make up on the day of the…

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NO sun exposure 10-14 days BEFORE or AFTER the day of the treatment.
STOP Retinol 7-10 days prior to treatment.
If you have history of cold…

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Skin Tightening

We are able to tighten up loose skin anywhere on the body with popular areas being Arms, Abdomen, Back, and Above the Knees. This is performed in a…

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Scar Reduction

Whether a C-SECTION Scar, Surgical Scar, or any other type of scar we can help. Here at Adolescent and Women Medical Care, We use our Morpheus8 to…

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Acne Treatments

Eliminate acne through targeted heat below the dermis or diminish scarring on the skin’s…

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Finasteride or Dutasterine

The brand name for Finasteride is Propecia or Proscar. The brand name for Dutasterine is Avodart. Both come in a tablet, approved by the FDA for the…

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Nano is a fat grafting that comes from your own fat tissue (from the belly or legs) that is rich in stem cells and growth factors. It’s turned into…

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